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A True "Win-Win" Relationship.

KBA stays perfectly aligned with you by acting as your partner in reducing occupancy costs.  Best of all, you do not need to budget for our services because we simply share in the benefit we achieve for you.

If your lease requires a CPA firm audit or non- contingency fees, we can do that too.

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Level the Playing Field.

Your landlords receive professional advice when billing you for operating expenses and taxes.  Shouldn’t you have professional advice when paying them?

KBA supports you with the expertise and experience you need to keep your charges fair and equitable.

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Don't Ignore the Details.

If you are like most commercial tenants, your leases contain complicated additional rent provisions that are prone to error.  With occupancy costs continuously rising, it’s essential to have a professional detailed review of what your landlords are billing you.

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Reduce Occupancy Costs. Permanently.

By correcting ambiguous lease language and misinterpretations, we not only recover past overcharges, we reduce the trajectory of your costs, saving you money throughout your lease term.

These ongoing reductions can be built into your future budgets for permanent, bottom-line savings.

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Why audit your leases

Lease audits help control some of your largest and most critical expenses.


KBA goes far beyond traditional lease audits. We actually "fix" your lease and lock in savings for the entire lease term.

Getting started

Getting started is very easy. Send us your leases and bills and we'll do the rest.

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