At KBA, we have a keen sense of how to balance your contractual rights against your business needs.  Our ability to understand what you meant when you made your deal, coupled with our extensive experience and legal expertise, allow us to reshape your obligations while preserving your delicate landlord-tenant relationships.

KBA’s founder and president, Marc Betesh, is nationally recognized as one of the country’s top legal specialists on lease pass-through clauses.  KBA’s staff also includes a team of attorneys and real estate professionals who have been trained in KBA’s 30+ years of legal and business tradition.

Why is this important?

  • It ensures issues are properly articulated in a clear and convincing manner.
  • It prevents wasted time pursuing uncollectible claims, saving energy and avoiding controversy.
  • It makes litigation unnecessary. This expertise enables KBA to resolve highly sophisticated claims with no negative impact on the landlord-tenant relationship.
  • It reduces your need to rely on internal legal departments or outside counsel. Although KBA is not a law firm and cannot substitute for your legal department or outside attorneys, KBA’s careful and insightful counsel gives clients the guidance they need to make proper decisions.

Undivided loyalty and conviction.

KBA only represents tenants.  We have no actual conflicts of interests (representing both landlord and tenant) or positional conflicts of interest (arguing opposite positions).


KBA’s unique accounting + legal + practical business approach makes a material difference in your results