Starting an audit program is easy.

Step 1:  Provide KBA with a copy of your lease and bills.

Once you have decided to move forward, we'll provide you with a link where you can upload your documents.  We'll need a full copy of your lease, including all amendments, subleases, estoppels and other related documents together with copies of your annual operating expense, CAM, real estate tax and utility pass-through charges for the past 3 years.  

Step 2:  KBA will report back to you with an assessment and recommendations.

KBA will review your documents, perform an internal analysis of your charges and report back to you with our preliminary findings and recommendations.  If we find errors or areas that need further inquiry, we will spell out recommendations for moving forward.  You have no obligation to take further action, and we do not contact your landlord without your prior written permission.

Step 3:  KBA will work issues out with your landlord and confirm your savings.

With your permission, we will contact your landlord and go over our findings.  We will take whatever steps are necessary to resolve your issues, and do so within the tenor of your existing relationship.  Our tone is conciliatory and cooperative, and highly effective.  Most landlords thank us for our honesty and professionalism. 

Non-Contingency Fee or CPA Restrictions in Your Lease?

KBA can assist you even though you have restrictive language in your lease that prohibits contingency fee or sharing arrangements with respect to lease audits.  In addition, KBA works with several of the country’s top CPA firms to provide seamless support where leases require CPA firm audits.  Contact us for details.