KBA can help you abstract, organize, bookmark, and scan lease documents.  Lease abstracts are tailored to clients’ specific and unique needs, and are delivered in formats that are easily integrated into existing client processes and systems. 

Our team of skilled attorneys and real estate professionals have reviewed over 50,000 leases and are available to help summarize yours directly into Visual Lease® or your system of choice.   Our team will help guide you to the most effective and efficient level of data so you can maximize the return on your abstracting dollars.

KBA’s Unique Value

  • Best-in-class lease expertise
  • Disciplined abstracting process
  • Comprehensive and highly accurate quality control
  • Proprietary real estate lease technology (Visual Lease®) can be used to streamline the abstracting process, even if the information is ultimately going into another system
  • In-house technology experts to integrate data
  • 24/7 access to abstracting database (Visual Lease®) to monitor ongoing work